These records were transcribed on November 10, 2000. These marriage record books are located in the Greenville, MS county courthouse.

Colored Marriages


Marriage of J. W. WINPIGLER and Mollie BAREFIELD, 12/4/1866


Marriage of John WEATH and Mollie ANDERSON, 7/3/1868, page 96

Marriage of John TAYLOR and Mary HYMES, 8/22/1868, page 61

Marriage of Henry JONES and Martha ANDERSON, 12/4/1868, page 102

Marriage of Richard JOINER and Rachel LOCUST, 12/13/1868, page 89

Marriage of William TAYLOR and Melvina ROBINSON, 12/19/1868, page 119

Marriage of John ANDERSON and Grace Ann HOLMES, 12/22/1868, page 162

Marriage of George TAYLOR and Emily COATS, 12/24/1868, page 135

Marriage of Shack (Schack) TAYLOR and Mary OLFER, 12/28/1868, page 140


Marriage of William ROGERS and Lucinda TAYLOR, 1/14/1869, page 169

Marriage of George WASHINGTON and Frances TAYLOR, 1/25/1869, page 107

Marriage of Jesse H. BAREFIELD and Jane P. MORGAN, 2/4/1869

Marriage of Charles TAYLOR and Bell JONES, 2/27/1869, page 208

Marriage of Charles/Clark MC KEE and Patience TAYLOR, 3/4/1869, page 218

Marriage of Henry TAYLOR and Ellen WILEY, 3/13/1869, page 223

Marriage of Henry IRISH and Bettie TAYLOR, 5/20/1869, page 111

Marriage of Beverly BROKENBORO and Jane BAREFIELD, 7/30/1869, page 337

Marriage of Henry TAYLOR and Lavinia CHAVERS, 7/31/1869, page 331

Marriage of James ANDERSON and Jane SOLOMON, 9/6/1869, page 352

Marriage of Daniel WEBSTER and Jane TAILOR (?) 10/30/1869, page 372 on the
Greenwood Plantation

Marriage of William ANDERSON and Lydia GOODWIN, 11 or 12/1869, page 395

Marriage of Frederick ANDERSON and Maria WARE, 12/14/1869, page 386

Marriage of Henry DORSEY and Laura TQYLOR, 12/28/1869, page 443


Marriage of Louis ANDERSON and Henrietta MURRAY, 1/8/1870, page 471 on
Longwood Plantation

Marriage of Cyrus BRADY and Charity ANDERSON, 1/8/1870, page 462

Marriage of Issac ANDERSON and Mary WILLIAMS, 1/9/1870, page 445

Marriage of Moses TAYLOR and Susan HAINEY, 3/30/1870, page 407

Marriage of Willis HUBBARD and Amanda TAYLOR, 12/27/1870, page 430

Marriage of Ed HODGE and Mary MURCHANT, 5/30/1870


Marriage of William STINSON and Jane BAREFIELD, 1/31/1871


Marriage of Garrett ANDERSON and Minerva JOHNSON, 11/20/1882, page 161

Marriage of George ANDERSON (?HENDERSON?) and Lila CLARK, 12/28/1882, page

Marriage of Leo ANDERSON and Susan JOHNS (?JOHNSON?), 12/29/1882, page 570


Marriage of Raine TAYLOR and Dava ALEXANDER, 4/13/1883, page 376


Marriage of James THOMAS and Mollie TAYLOR, 10/27/1888, page 514


Marriage of E. COLLUM (?COLBURN?) and Miss K. J. BAREFIELD, 12/7/1896,



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