Information has been compiled here from various sources, verbal, school programs, obituaries, etc.  I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this list.   If you are a former Venice faculty member, historian or student  and can add to this list, please email me.



Richard Bailey, 1976

John Boushard, 1976

William Fechte, 1976

Larry Hartman, 1976 Attorney

Jackie Leatherman, 1976

Donald Phillips, 1976 Treasurer

Elmer Taylor, 1976

Jack Tolliver, 1976



Mr. John O. Pier

Mr. John C. Rush  Link is offsite

Mr. Robert N. Vickers


Mr. John C. Rush 
Link is offsite

Mr. Lewis E. Sabin

Barbara Bailey Title I Reading

Robert Blattner Title I Mathematics

Homer Blumenstock, Auto Mechanics
M.E. Boothe, Biology

Omar Butts, Driver Education and Industrial Arts

Gary Craig, English and Speech

Betty Cunningham  Title I Reading

Mrs. Gwendolyn Dake, Librarian

Phil Daniels, U.S. History, Sociology, Economics and World History

Al Delay Title I Mathematics

Myrtle DeLoach, Parent Counselor

Rich Essington

Georgia Falwell, French, Counselor and Career Specialist

Irene Hackett

Edna M. Harris, Secretary

Mrs. Edna Hoults (Cafeteria)

Linda Knipping, Art

Sharon Maurer, TMH

Margaret McGarrahan Title I Mathematics

Robert McKinney Title I Mathematics

Rogera Mefford Title I Reading

Johnnye Morris, Kindergarten and Family Living

Raymond Mosby, Home School Coordinator and Career Education

Mrs. Ohlendorf, Phiscal Education

James Ohlendorf, Physical Education and Coach

Lloyd Patterson, Welding

Ken Perkins, Social Studies, Coach

Helen Pier, Secretary

Mary Donna Scaturro Title I Reading

Mary Shaw, Title I Reading

Mrs. Helen M. Smith (Home Economics)

Wilbert Verseman, Machine Shop

Ruth Welch Title I Reading




Mrs. Tommie Bailey

Miss Agnes Hoults

Mrs. Connie Davis

Mrs. Charlotte Dilday

Mrs. Venus Gardner

Miss Agnes Hoults

Mrs. Diane Hoults

Mrs. Rosalyn Johnson

Linda Marcus

Mrs. Catherine McIntyre

Miss Annie Ruth Mosby

Loretta Pace

Mrs. Alberta Robertson

Mrs. Delores Scaturro

Mrs. Irene Taylor

Mrs. Teresa Wallace

Mrs. Carol Williams

Name, Graduating Class Year,


Gerald Arnold

Terry Arnold (Class of 1978, Student Council Vice President)

Barbara Jean Bailey

Barkley Bailey

Debra Denise Bailey

Richard Howard Bailey, Jr.

C. Baker  (Class of 1980)

Jack D. Ballentine

Charles Barbee

Eleanor Jean Barbee, (Class of 1976)

Noreen Barbee, (Class of 1976)

Stephen R. Barney, (Class of 1976)

Lisa Bell (Class of 1981)

Walita Bodie  (Class of 1977)  June 30, 1958 - January 7, 2012

Tami Boushard  (Class of 1978, Student Council Co-President, 1978 Business Club President)

Gregg Brawley  (Class of 1978)

Lorraine Brimmage Class of 1981

Arlean Bernice Brown

Carl Brown (Class of 1978)

Dennis Burns  (Class of 1978)

Carla Carnes

Kenneth Carnes

Sharon Cavins, (Class of 1976)

Jacqueline R. Chatman

James A. Chatman

Ina Mae Cockrill (Class of 1959)

Glenn Cooper, (Class of 1977)

Lawatha Cooper

Jerald William Corrie, (Class of 1976)

Charles Cotton  (Class of 1978)

Melba Cotton

Patricia Cotton, (Class of 1976)

Robin G. Cowin

Annette Crowder

James M.Crowder (Class of 1976)

Nathaniel Curtis

Raymond Curtis

Dan Daniels (Class of 1978, Student Council Treasurer)

David Daniels  (Class of 1978)

Gary Davis (Class of 1982)

Tami Lynn Eck (Class of 1976)

LaVonda Fletcher

Eddie Fleig  (Class of 1978)

L. Foley  (Class of 1980)

Ann Gardner

Archie Gardner

Cecilai Gardner

Cedric Gardner

Charles  Gardner  (Class of 1978)

Dwight V. Gardner  (Class of 1976)

Francis Gardner

Gail Gardner 

Kirk Gardner 

Regina Gardner

Reginald L. Gardner  (Class of 1976)

Robert Gardner

Rosie Gardner

Louis Garris  (Class of 1978)

Elizabeth Glover

Joyce Glover

Queen Esther Glover

James N. Gonterman (Class of 1976)

Hildred A. Govan (Class of 1976)

Lydia Griggs  (Class of 1978)

Bella Guest  (Class of 1978)

Gwendolyn Hall

Yvonne Harmon

Evelyn Harris

Shawn Henderson (Class of 1978)

Michael Henry

Nan Henry  (Class of 1979, 1978 Business Club Secretary-Treasurer)

Pam Henry

Ronald Henry

David Hill

Frank Hill

Valencia Hill (Class of 1986)

Etheline Hines

Anna Hogan  (Class of 1978)

Agnes Hoults

Clara Hoults

Marvis Hoults

Vera Hoults

Caleb Jennings  (Class of 1976)  September 30, 1958  -  July 31, 2011

Gloria Johnson (Class of 1976)

Reginald Johnson

Cassandra Jones


Crystal Jones

Jennifer Jones

Paula Jones

Robert J. Killion, Jr.

Pam Langston

Harvey M. Logan (Class of 1977, Class President)

Michael Logan

Raymond Long  (Class of 1978, Vice-President)

Carolyn Malherek  (Class of 1978)

Isaiah D. Mason-Walker

G. Mathis  (Class of 1981)

Brian Mathis

Clifford Mathis (Class of 1976)

Derek Mathis

Barbara Matkins  (Class of 1978, Secretary)

Deborah McClelland, (Class of 1976)

Jayne McClelland, (Class of 1978)

David L. McDonald  (Class of 1976)

Diane McDonald

Rachel McDonald  (Class of 1978)

Mary Beth McGarrahnan  (Class of 1979)

Ann McIntire   (Class of 1979)

Ida McIntire

Patricia E. McIntire, (Class of 1976)

Wendell McIntire

Robert L. McKinney (Class of 1976)

Keenan McNeace  (Class of 1978, Vice-President)

Valerie McNeace  (Class of 1979)
Jason E. Melton (Class of 1976)

Jason Merchant

Charles Miller (Class of 1990)

Carolyn Ann Moore  (Class of 1976)

Annie Ruth Mosby

Charles Mosby

Elaine A. Mosby, (Class of 1976)

Joyce Mosby

Lottie Mosby

Sharon Mosby

Lawrence Odom  (Class of 1978)

Frank Pace  (Class of 1978)

V. Parker (Class of 1978, Student Council Secretary)

Linda Paterson

Peggy Sue Pier (Class of 1976)

Bob Ponce (Class of 1956)

C. Ponce  (Class of 1979)

Tim Ponce  (Class of 1978)

Andrew Prowell  (Class of 1978)

Susan L. Puent  (Class of 1976)

Clark Ray

Carolyn Richmond (Class of 1978, Co-President, 1978 Business Club Vice-President)

Douglas Riggs

Pawnee Riggs, (Class of 1976)

Rhonda Riggs

Gertie Rupert  (Class of 1979)

Ricky Salmond  (Class of 1978)

Ronnie Salmond

Linda S. Sanders 

Patricia A. Sawyer  (Class of 1976)

Karen Schrader (Class of 1981)

Alline Sherrod  (Class of 1978)

Robbin L. Simmons  (Class of 1976)

Darlene Smith (Class of 1976)

Doretha Smith

William Spencer  (Class of 1976)

Laymon Stinson (Class Unknown) July 30, 1942 - September 7, 1972

Mary Taylor  (Class of 1978)

Ronald Taylor

Sally Taylor  (Class of 1978)

Sharon J. Taylor

Darlene Thornton  (Class of 1978)

Linden Townsend  (Class of 1978)

Howard Tyrone Thorpe  (Class of 1976)

Carlette Turner

James E. Turner   (Class of 1976)

Diane Walker

Diane Walker

Paula Walker

Robert Walker

Tim Walker, (Class of 1976)

Vanessa Walker, (Class of 1976)

Debra Ware  (Class of 1979)

Teresa Washum, (Class of 1975)

P. Walker   (Class of 1981)

William (Billy) Welch (Class of 1976)  1958 - 2013

Diane West

G. West   (Class of 1981)

Cassandra White

R. Whitfield  (Class of 1981)

S. White  (Class of 1980)

Dorothy L. Whitley, (Class of 1976)

LouAnn Whitley, (Class of 1976)

LaDonna M. Wilbourn, (Class of 1976)

Carl Wiley  (Class of 1978)

Yolonda A. Wiley, (Class of 1976)

J.L. Williams  (Class of 1978)

Darren Wise (Class of 1985)

Andrea Withers  (Class of 1978, Treasurer)

James L. Young

Patricia Young  J. L. Williams  (Class of 1978)

Darren Lee Wise (Class  of 1985)



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