Information has been compiled here from various sources, verbal, school programs, obituaries, etc.  I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this list.   If you are a former Venice faculty member, historian or student  and can add to this list, please email me.



Mr. John O. Pier

Mr. John C. Rush  Link is offsite

Mr. Robert N. Vickers


Mrs. Anna M. McKinney

Mr. Robert N. Vickers


Mrs. Althea Cross (Title VII Director and Seventh Grade)

Mrs. Cottrell (Seventh Grade)

Mrs. Gwendolyn Dake, Librarian

Mr. Dubinick (Seventh Grade)  March 8, 1933 in Virden, Illinois - October 3, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. Lori Durer

Mr. Gregg

Mrs. S. Gregg

Miss Irene Hackett

Mr. Hand

Mary S. Harper

Mrs. Edna Hoults (Cafeteria)

Mr. Jones

Mrs. Johnny Morris (Kindergarten)

Mr. Robert Platner (Eighth Grade)

Mrs. Ponce  (Second Grade)  

Mrs. Annie Price (Fourth Grade)

Dr. Alice M. Purdes, (Fifth Grade and Music)

Mrs. Helen Purkaple (Fourth Grade), Died June 11, 2010

Mrs. Sina Reeves (Third Grade),
October 14, 1924 - September 01, 2009

Claribel Rehmus (Fifth Grade)

Mrs. Mattie Richards  (Second Grade)

Mrs. Lena Rush

Mr. John Rush

Mrs. Norma Schroeder (Eighth Grade)

Mrs. Joan Shelton (Second Grade)

Mr. Lee Shelton (Math)

Mrs. Helen M. Smith (Home Economics)

Mrs. Ulffers (Second Grade)

Mrs. Utley (Third Grade)

Mrs. Weaver (First Grade)

Theodore Adams

Discran Arnold

Mary Ann Arnold

Nino Arnold

Sue Baker

Charles Barbee

Eleanor Barbee 

Noreen Barbee

Linda Berry

Harold Besserman

Stanley Blyue

Walita Bodie

Valerie Boelling

Janice Bradley

David Brandon

Arthur Hal Bromley

Arlean Bernice Brown

Darrell Buie

Debra Ann Burns

Daniel E. Burns

Judith Carroll

Sharon Cavins 

Connie Sue Clifton

Glenn Cooper

Jerald William Corrie

Charles Cotton

Mae Cotton

Patricia Cotton 

Ruthie Lee Cotton

Kim Crawford

Lynette Crawford

Georgia Cross

Anthony Curtis

Cordelia Curtis

Nathaniel Curtis

Raymond Curtis, Jr.

Kelly Darnell

Angie Dilday

Lavonda Fletcher

Cynthia Forehand

Valeria Fuller

Dwight  V. Gardner 

Reginald L. Gardner 

Joyce Glover

Anita Grant

Everett Green

James Green

Lynn Greer

Gina Griggs

Katherine Hahne

Patricia Hahne

Jesse Hall

Lisa Harmon

Rosetta Harmon

Damon Harris

Vincent Harris

Scott Harrison

Richard L. Hillman, Jr.

Anita Holmes

Sandy Holmes

Caleb C. Jennings 

Reginald Johnson

Edwina Jones

Zenith Jones

Harold Koelker

Pam Langston

Maurice Lewis

Raymond Long

Quentin Lott

Angela Marchbanks

Johnnie Marchbanks
Karen R. Matkins

Sharnetha Matkins

Towand Matkins

Deborah McClelland

Jayne McClelland

Ronnie McCoy

Jason McGeehee

Larry McGehee

Ida McIntire

Patricia McIntire 

Jason Merchant

Neal Mize

Vicki Morgan
Charles Mosby

Elaine Mosby

Joyce Mosby

Bobby Murray

Vickie Murray

Elena Narvaez

Alfrederick Odom

Teresa Petty

Lester Price

Sarah Ratcliff

Stephen Sitton

William Spencer

Kim Sugg

David Townsend

James Turner

Steve Tyree

Lola Virginia

Della Walker

Demetria Walker

Robert Walker

Tim Walker

Vanessa Walker 

Wakita Walker

A. Ware

George Ware

Phillip White

LouAnn Whitley 

Wilfred Wigfall

LaDonna Wilbourn

Gary Wiley

Kim Wiley

Terry Wiley

Yolonda Wiley

Frank Wilkinson

Janet Wilkinson

Wakita Williams

Sharon Willis

Jeffrey Willoughby

Anthony Wise

Patricia Wise

Daryl Wilson

Darren Lee Wise

Lisa Ybarra

Leroy York



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